About us
Whale Publishing is a new independent publishing house based in Moscow, Russia. Our mission is to show children the fascinating and complicated world around us and how interesting it is.

We are a small young company, but all editors in our team have a lot of experience in publishing and working with children’s books.
Anastasia Troian
Anna Druzhinets
Asya Vanyakina
Aleksandr Troian
Our projects
The Stardust Book Series
Each book in this series is a result of collective work of children writers, poets, scientists, editors and illustrators. In their fiction and non-fiction texts they tell children aged 6−12 about fascinating things around us. Each book has its own topic, and all materials — articles, short stories, poems, interviews, comics, riddles and even a real escape room quest — are associated with this topic.
What is special about The Stardust Book Series?
It is easy to read
Complicated things are explained in a very simple way, so children can easily understand.

It is universal
Just like any good educational course, it shows the world from all different perspectives – physics, arts, biology, linguistics, math, history and more.
It is diverse
Every page is unique! The content combines different formats and genres, so that any reader can find what he likes.

It is not a one-day thing
96 pages and more than 20 articles – it will take time to read!
Books in the Series
  • Stardust Under the Pillow. Book about Tiny Things – published
  • Book about Future (May 2020)
  • Book about Colors (September 2020)
  • Book about Signs and Languages (November 2020)
Stardust Under the Pillow
Book about Tiny things

This is the first book of The Stardust Book Series. It tells children about everything tiny and imperceptible. We discuss atoms and pixels, microscopes and bacteria, pointillists and scale models in the cinema, small animals and the Large Hadron Collider. Poems and short stories echo the same topics – they tell about small things that can become very big and about unimportant things that become critical.

22 authors and 24 modern illustrators worked on this project.

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Format: 195х270 mm
96 pages
Age: 6+

Rights sold: Ukraine
Reading Journal

This beautiful journal is designed to collect children's impressions of books they read. Kids can fill in different lists and rankings, write, draw and put in stickers. When kid does not know where to start writing about their book impressions, this journal will help with some simple advices and funny questions.

Format: 140х200 mm
128 pages

Age: 6+
What's New

This is a set of a huge poster and 12 cards, one for each month of the year. Hang this poster on the wall in a child's room or any other convenient place. Every month children will tape a card on it and write a new or special thing that happened to them. Did they see a shooting star for the first time? Or did they learn to swim? This poster will collect all the best memories of the year.

Format: poster 640х900 mm
12 cards

Age: 5+
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