Stardust Under

Magazine for curious kids
Exciting reading about tiny things in the world around us

What is it?
Why is it not like any other magazine?
Being the result of collective work of writers, poets, scientists and editors created, it is a unique collection of fiction and nonfiction texts for children from 6 to 12 years old, combined by one topic. It includes articles, short stories, poems, interviews, comics, riddles and even a real escape room quest.
It is easy to read
Complicated things are explained in a very simple way, so children can easily understand.
It is universal
Just like any good educational course, it shows the World from all different perspectives – physics, arts, biology, linguistics, math, history and more.
It is diverse
Every page is unique! The content combines different formats and genres, so that any reader can find what he likes.
It is not a one-day thing
96 pages and 26 articles – it will take time to read!
Format: 19x270 mm, 96 pages, paperback

What's in this issue?
This issue tells children about everything tiny and imperceptible – atoms and pixels, microscopes and bacteria, pointillists and scale models in the cinema, small animals and the Large Hadron Collider.

Poems and short stories echo the same topics – they tell about small things that can become very big and about unimportant things that become critical.
We started this project aiming to show children the fascinating and complicated world around us and how interesting it is. We hope that the fruit of our work will not only help readers to see the obvious connections between things, but will also encourage them to look deeper, to ask more questions and be more open to everything new.

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What's next?
This is the first issue, but we plan to publish 4 titles a year. If you are interested in licensing, we can send you a list of topics for the next planned issues. Please contact us at rights@kitread.ru and we'll reply on the same day :)
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